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We would like to offer you a program that was created specifically
for worldwide premium class hotels


Guests prefer to seek for entertainment outside the hotel
Non-professional artists can ruin the impression of the night and hotel as a whole
Most hotel animation shows are the same


This case inspired us to create an exclusive show format

We expeditiously took up this task, striving to demonstrate our professionalism, creativity and passion for conducting spectacular shows.

The highlight of this show was the inclusion of jumps from a height of 25 meters down into the airbag.
We were tasked with developing a unique and memorable show that was able to attract media attention.
We were approached by а restaurant holding company and asked to create a show for the opening of «Chalet Berezka» restaurant in Dubai.
We know what your guests need due to many years of experience in the development of show programs
The one and only company in Europe making
Theatrical extreme shows
Our clients are among the most famous brands in the world
Our signature performances:
World art Dubai 2018
2018 FIFA World Cup
2014 Sochi Winter Olympics Games
Astana World Expo 2017
One of the main values of our brand is a turnkey show organization service
Number of artists
About the show
Technical team
13 people
Acrobatic extreme show
3 people
45 minutes
Own Host/МС
optionally up to 26 people
optionally up to 6 people
optionally up to 90 minutes
hosts the show on both English and Russian
In our shows, we use video content specially designed for the identity of your hotel, which creates the effect of a single style.
Short program scenario
Jumps from a height into a stunt airbag.
1. Stunt Show
Our stunt performers jump from a height of up to 25 meters down while performing acrobatic feats. Show always becomes a highlight of the event.
Jumps with flags, where the hotel logo is depicted
Brand a stunt airbag
We can exclusively
adapt the show to Your
The only acrobatic parkour show in cyber costumes in Russia.

The show is performed on a portable parkour installation which allows showing real parkour stunts.

2. SVET Digital acrobatic show
One of the most striking shows combining trampoline and springboard acrobatics with Broadway musicals style dancing.
Amplitude of the acrobats' jumps reaches 4-5 meters making the show look very impressive.
3. Broadway: New York style acrobatic show
Circus show that combines elements of parkour and acrobatics. This show is performed on 6x6 meter acrobatics airtrick giving the program immensity and staginess.
4. Goldarium acrobatics airtrick show
Our acrobats call guests from your audience and jump over 1 to 10 people doing somersaults.
Guests become participants of the extreme show.
5. Acrobatic Interactive Show with the guests of Your event
This show can be conducted in various styles, for example: festive, Russian, rock, and hip-hop style.

You can choose any style for the show.
6. Exclusive show for completion of the event
We use all the features of Your hotel's concert venue:
Performing stunts from the roof of the hotel
Performing stunts from the stage
Performing stunts from the second level